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Designer Shoes for women

Designer Shoes for women are designed with a pump dispenser toe point is a beautiful and attractive young woman who shows the beauty and increase confidence.
New women shoes studded Point-toe Pumps

Friday, 11 May 2012

Antiqued Brass Victorian Inspired Peacock Chandelier Earrings - Peacock Wedding Collection

Antiqued Brass Victorian Inspired Peacock Chandelier Earrings - Peacock Wedding CollectionEarrings Chandelier Victorian inspired antiqued brass Peacock -Wedding Collection Peacock

This is my part of the spring Adrienne Adelle "Peacock Wedding" line of jewelry. This new collection is inspired by the peacock, the majestic and proud. The line ranges from a classic and simple ... extravagant and avant-garde show stoppersAll rooms in the collection reflect the Peacockscheme attractive color, and retain ICT some rare beauty. It is the perfect finishing touch for the wedding of your dreams!

These earrings are Victoria and the peacockA mixture of two looks bold and beautiful! The top bead is hand faceted oval double sidedStained glass is one of the sides, and gold in the Other. The stained glass sidelight reflection back into a light green and purple. The chain is aged bronze cross link of the chainHanging on every piece of the string is a bright fireCzech glass beads, which 'has have a metallic sheen. Each account is of a different color, purple, green or dark blue. The earrings measure about 2 3/4 inches, and hang since antiqued brass ear hook.

Aura Borealis Crystal and Teal Crackle Glass, Multi-Cascading-Drop Bridal Necklace

Aura Borealis Crystal and Teal Crackle Glass, Multi-Cascading-Drop Bridal Necklace - Peacock Wedding CollectionAura Borealis Crystal and Glass Crackle Tealmulti-drop-Drop WeddingNecklace - Peacock Wedding Collection
It's part of my spring Adrienne Adelle "Peacock Wedding" jewelry lineThis new collection is inspired by the peacockthe majestic and proudThe ranges of line style simpleclassic ... extravagant show stoppers andavant-gardeAll parts of the collection reflects the attractive color schemeof the peacockand keep some of its rare beautyIt is the perfect finishing touch to the wedding of your dreams!

This necklace is a special room for the brideAre inserted in the butt willborealis (AB) crystalfaceted disksOf a small glass bead 6 mmto a large 8 mm glass beadsThere are 13 drops that start small and"cascade" down in the middle three levels downA touch of color is right in the main row of crystals in a crisis of teal glass with a shiny texture andincredibleThe necklace measures 17 inches (including clasp), and the longest drop measures 2 1/2 inchesThe closure is a slap lever detailedEdwardian-inspired silverThis necklace sparks! I want you to see in personYou will have all eyes on you for your special day!

Each piece of jewelry in my studio is designed and handmade by myself.To be very careful about my jobMuch time and effort in the design and construction of each piece I create. All necklaces can be adjusted in lengthto fit each clientJust send me a message at time of purchaseThank youfor sharing my art!

Fashion Jewelry Affair

Peacock Colors Woven into Aura Borealis Crystals - Statement Bib Necklace - Peacock Wedding CollectionWell people, we now have the line of jewelry. Newest and hottest designedin the business of fashion jewelry creative emergence Mehreen Sayed andBushra Aftab

Mehreen Sayed is a well known model, both nationally and internationally.The two designers to launch her ​​jewelry line in the case of fashion jewelryset, Lahore. Pakistan Fashion model Mehreen Sayed is not just a modelnow, she is also in the field of fashion design. After running this business offashion jewelry, Mehreen Sayed greatly earned a good reputation and success. Many celebrities of fashion lovers and fashion jewelry outstanding participation and appreciated the fashion jewelry business while MehreenShahid and Bushra Sayed.

Magnificent collection of fashion jewelry business Mehreen Sayed includesnecklaces, both heavy and light, with or without stones, earrings, bracelets,delicate and heavy, rings Mehreen Sayed decorated his collection of silver jewelry with different eyes Affair capture colors.

Sunsilk Fashion Week Lahore 2011

Summer Trend 2011: East-meets-WestPFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Lahore 2011 draws to an end leaving behind a number of new trends, silhouettes of colors, patterns and developed innovative aesthetic fashion. 
Fashion Designer Karma at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Lahore
However, one of the most notable trends, not only in the week PFDC Sunsilk Fashion in Lahore in 2011, but also in the garden of floral prints that are coming in 2011, the merger is surprisingly wise call Eastern and Western alluring prospect combined with maximum creativity.
Karma’s Collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Lahore 2011 
Sublime at Fashion Week Fashion houses this PFDC Sunsilk nervous Western dresses with dupatta adding that gave him a small button to the general atmosphere of the team. In addition, some of the dresses she wore as the cultural trend of day dresses "Punjabi Lacha" revolutionized modern fashion.

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Lahore 2011  PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Lahore 2011 
Teejays triggered her wonderful sense of fashion as the attitude of western wear full nervous, made in Pakistan with a touch of tradition. Because creating eccentric combinations of clothing and pajamas chori layers as clear, giving an eclectic feel to the clothes.

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2011 Lahore by Karma 
Karma in its latest 2011 collection has a mix of romance classic English countryside with this beauty par excellence of "undulating floral kajras the woman long braid. In addition, traditional lehengas with a subtle touch of romance look modern English rustic but charming.

Pakistani Designer Karma at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2011 Lahore 
Similarly, the creators Akif Mehmood brilliant tapas combined with daars Chori West and eccentric creations created between East and West look.Also this week PFDC Sunsilk 2011 collections, collections were also lawns are full of this trend that encapsulates the glamorous lawn prints the Western tradition.

Zest up your wardrobe with the beautiful crops this summer and show your creativity by mixing various councils and merging with everything you want.That desi chori shalwar or pajama, and match them to create a timeless look of the imagination.

Sunsilk Fashion Week

Maria B on PFDC Sunsilk Spring-Summer 2012 Fashion Week Day 1 - Act 1 Awesome Costumes Gothic style presentation.
Pakistan fashion designer Maria B enter the clothes always fascinating. Hercollection presented at PFDC Sunsilk Last Summer Fashion Week Spring2012 was too disturbing but welcoming for viewers who like to wear something unusual, But elegant.
Baggy pants baggy shirts flare With a trend revived this year by the fashion designer Maria B PFDC Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012 Sun silk.
Maria B Collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 Day 1PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 Day1 - Act1 - Maria BMaria B Collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week S/S 2012 Day 1 - Act 1Maria B Collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week S/S 2012 Day 1Maria B Collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 Day 1

One Step .fashion show

  IF you want to know the trends that come to the fore in the 2012-13 fall /winter, then look no further than Hollywood and most of its leading stars.
Check the style of the stars fall
   Emily Blunt, Kate Bosworth, Zoe Saldana and Victoria Beckham have been looking for the next season for fresh out of the airlift (Naeem Khan, PrabalGurung, Marios Schwab and Victoria Beckham, respectively), while theirOscars in February only offers a full range of fall, is on the red carpet.
We will keep a close eye on what is the port - and, more importantly, how to make the trends and do themselves.